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Repair Laser Diode Handle/why my laser handle has not light

Diode laser handle usually has not light out after a a period of time.The  common reason as follows:

1)The laser hair removal machine shots run out if the handle is good.

After you give us the laser handle picture, and we think the laser handle is good. it is highly possible the laser hair removal machine run out of shots.

Solution: Replace control board and screen, our control boards has not limited shots.

2)The laser is burned

From the pictures you sent, we judge your handle is burned. This way, we suggest  you  replace a inside laser module or replace a new handle. Replacing a new laser module is cheaper and it can  save shipping fee. Replacing a new handle can help you replace inside water boards, water holes, but more expensive.We will recommend the reasonable solution.


How to provide laser handle pictures to us

Pictures like this,pictures of screen window

Diode Laser Handle we can Provide