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Repair Laser Hair Removal Machine Diode Laser Bars Module Repair

Diode Laser Bars Module usually is one easily broken parts inside of laser hair removal.We provide laser diode parts repair service

Most of brands we can repair for laser hair removal machine.Usually how we provide repair service for you?

1).Show the handle inside pictures to us. we  will confirm if we have the existed structure.

If we have the existed laser module , you can purchase it from us directly

If we do not have the existed laser module structure, pls follow the next steps.

2).Measure the size with Vernier caliper(if you know how to do it),give us the size directly ,we make the same one to you

3).If step 2 does not work, choice this way. You ship whole handle or full laser stack module to us, we will give guidance how to ship them to us.

4)After we get the handpiece or laser stack module, we will judge the cost and make a quotation for you.

5)You agree the price, and finish payment.and then we start to make producation

6)Before shipping, we will send test video to you for confirmation.

More Information about laser hair removal machine, welcome to click the WhatsApp and ask us.

Some handles we can repair as examples