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15 Years Manufacturers for Diode Laser Stack /Handle/Whole Kits Parts

1) Complete diode laser spare parts kit to produce or upgrade or repair 808nm or 755 808 1064 or four waves laser hair removal machines

2) Machine assembling or repair technologies guidance and support for free.

3) Handles, chassis outer appearance, major screen interfaces, and even extra functions can be customized for you only, here will be your laser technology center for design and parts supply center.

4) We are the China first suppliers of diode laser hair removal system since 2009.
5) The parts list: laser handle, control boards, power supply,screen,power driver, temperature sensor, water sensor, water fliter,TEC power supply as the picture below.
6) Diode warranty 50 millions shots within 1 year
7) different levels sets solutions as below for your free choosing: separately 808nm laser parts scheme A-D and scheme of full hair removal spare parts in one module.
8) machine assembly skills support: yes. Recommend electric connection map is free for you. Assembly guidance videos are free for you and 7*24 hours video call for assembling

Introduction to the diode laser spare parts Installation workshop


Diode Laser Stack Manufacturers  Sichuan  Seasun Laser Introducation

Three companies under Seasun Laser Group, including Sichuan Seasun Laser Beauty Machine  Co., Ltd
A professional high-tech company and enterprise engaged in the application and development of infrared lasers Registered in Chengdu, Sichuan, with an office located at No. 515 Century Avenue, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chengdu, China

The company has passed the certification of ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System and ISO14001-2008 Environmental Management System Certificate. The company has an efficient and professional technical, production, sales, and management team, with 10 Years of experience in research and development and production of optoelectronic products, committed to leading the large-scale production of infrared semiconductor laser products domain application development, focusing on the field of TO-18, C, indium and other packaging methods.

1)Sichuan Seasun is proficient in products and focuses on the industry. Currently, infrared semiconductor laser technology

2)The output and market share of optical equipment are the first in China, with a 10000 level dust-free workshop of 3000 square meters and independent

3)Our optical processing and testing center mainly involves the security industry, semiconductor laser diodes, and beauty molds in the field of products such as blocks, we have the foundation and strength of independent research and innovation, and have received consistent support from customers in various industries recognition.Our adheres to the service principles of “integrity, professionalism, and speed”,Provide comprehensive product and technical services to customers in various industries.

4)The company takes promoting laser applications as its responsibility and is willing to work together with customers in various industries to promote laser related industries

5)The promotion, popularization, and application of products in various industries are currently exported to Europe, the Americas, and Southeast Asia

6)To become the largest production base for laser infrared light sources in China, including laser beauty modules and LD

The production base of lasers;


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