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Full Set Parts Diode Laser Spare Parts to Install Laser Hair Removal Machine

diode laser spare parts

Whole kits one set provider include diode laser handle, screen, tempeature sensor ,water sensor,MW laser power supply

♠️ Complete diode laser spare parts to produce or upgrade or repair 808nm or three waves or four waves laser epilation machines

♠️ DIY Machine assembling or repair technologies guidance and support for free.
♠️ Handles, chassis outer appearance, major screen interfaces, and even extra functions can be customized for you only, here will be your laser technology center for design and parts supply center.
♠️ We are the China first suppliers of diode laser hair removal system since 2008.
♠️ The parts list: laser handle, control boards, power supply,screen,power driver, temperature sensor, water sensor, water filter,TEC power supply as the picture below.
♠️ Diode warranty up to 50 millions shots within 1 year
♠️ Different levels sets solutions as below for your free choosing: separately 808nm laser parts scheme A-D and scheme of full hair removal spare parts in one module.
♠️ Machine assembly skills support: yes. Recommend electric connection map is free for you. Assembly guidance videos are free for you and
7*24 hours video call for assembling.

New Style 15inch 12inch 4K screen interface

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