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Whole Parts Kits Diode Laser Parts & Assemble technology guidance

1. 808nm diode laser full spare parts & assembling technology guidance

2. You can tailor the handpieces, outer appearance, major screen interfaces, and even extra functions from us. Because Here will be your design center and manufacture plant.

3.  You can customize the software from us.

4. We do your assembly skills support.

5. we are the China first suppliers of diode laser hair removal system parts since 2009.

6. warranty 1 year. And warranty 5 years can be give you if we fabricate the machine

7. Once you have the ability to manufacture the permanent hair removal machine. Then you can purchase some of the parts in your local market. And buy parts sets from us only. The parts sets solutions are as below for your free choosing. Separately 808nm laser parts scheme A-D

Diode Laser Handle  Max 12 kinds of handles. Choose One type you like , Give the spot size, diode laser handle wattage you need.we will design solo handle only for you.

For example , handle we made for customers.

The handle inside pictures ,Tec cool parts, USA Bars, High quality Button.

808nm Micro Macro Channel Laser Diode Bar Stack Array for Laser Hair Removal Handle

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