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Coherent imported 500W/600W/800W/1000W/1200W 808nm stack bar replacement

Diode Laser Array Descriptions:                               

1. Both macro & micro channel laser bars are available in stock

2. With our diode stacks, you can repair all brands laser handpiece

3. Bars are original from USA COHERENT

4. Stack packing skills is gold,not silver

5. Free gift sealing rubber for you

6. Warranty 30-million shots within 1 year

7. Customized stack structure for you only

8. Standard 600watt 10bar diode laser array is in massive production. and this is our best selling type.Immediate shipping can be arranged once payment arrival





How to replace diode laser bar ( Macro or Micro) for you?


1— Send clear pictures for your burned diode laser stack from different sides, to let us know more details of this original bar ( Note: For Micro-channel, it’s recommended that you send it to us directly , we will check how many bars are burned & only replace the burned bars , because Micro bar is very easy to be polluted or damaged, so our expert engineer will handle it for you)

2—After we confirm the bar type & bar qty, we will offer our  high-quality diode bar accordingly as a new replacement, after payment arrival, we will prepare this bar for you

3— As soon as the new diode is ready, we will test it for you, and will make testing video & send you to check, to prove this new bar is in good condition & perfect perfomance with good power

4—After you check the video & confirm all,  we will make delivery ( normally via Door-to-Door Express e.g. Fedex,UPS,TNT,DHL,etc.)

5—Once you receive our diode, you ( or you ask your engineer) to replace it with old one

6—Anytime you need any assistance from us, just keep in touch & We’ll assist you immediately.


BTW– Global warranty for our diode stack is normally 12 months ( or 30 million shots), which comes first

Under this guarantee year, once the bar is burned (you use it in correct way), we will be responsible for its warranty due to its quality problem

Don’t worry, we only provide High-quality diode with Coherent(USA) OR Jenoptic(Germany) to ensure its durability & reliability!


Any questions or new demand, please feel free to contact us,

We’ll try our best to assist !