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808nm diode laser spare parts laser hair removal parts kit

808nm diode laser hair removal parts kit picture and details :

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The best stablity and ability longer life time up to 50 millions shots.

diode laser spare parts

With this 808nm diode kit, you only need to prepare diode case(out shell) and frame, then you will get a higy quality diode laser machine for hair removal in your own brand:

1.water filter of Ion exchange resin

2.water filter of PP, which is for particle

3. Controller board. which contains screen control and Switching Mode Power Supply(Taiwan. Meanwell power supply) control etc independent control system

4.Germany imported driver

Professional laser power driver board has a big 816 cm2 /1620 cm2 /3420 cm2 heat radiating area. keep its stale working and accurate its output stable voltage.


5. LCD Screen 8.4 / 10.4 / 12.1 / 15.6 inch. Dwin DMT80600T104_03WT (Best quality. Touch screen part is imported by Taiwan Dwin )

6.  Customize 1200w, 12*100W macro/micro channel cooler diode laser handle pieces( USA / Germany bar + Japan imported cooler Peltier )


7.water flow sensor

8.Temperature sensor

9.Taiwan Meanwell laser power supply

ps: laser spot window on handle can be OEM,  Also we can suppot 1 handle has two changeable tips : 12mmx35mm and 8mmx8mm can be customzie.

808nm Diode Laser hair removal machine part kit control board circuit diagram

Diode laser hair removal machine kit  Applications:
(1) Portable diode laser hair removal machine assembly
(2) Vertical diode laser hair removal machine assembly

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